HeroComeBack v1.26 Mod Money

HeroComeBack v1.26 Mod Money

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HeroComeBack v1.26 Mod Money

Aya game to try before you die ?
Game such as this year's award going to receive any time soon ?
The strongest action , operation feeling , graphics and game ?

Not .... ... retro -style RPG to stimulate the sensibility !
Not be able to enjoy again , simple bland game was released .

- Automatic combat system that can be enjoyed by anyone easy!
- Concept equipped with games, where you can see the ending without special billing!
- Sensibility inducing graphics of retro pixel!
- Action simple, but visible to the far (?)!
- No charge to enjoy the item on the RMT!

- Storage of data is stored in the interior of your equipment.
- All of the stored data of the reset City after you remove the game will be deleted.
- By using a paid game, you can use the cloud storage.
- Because there is a possibility that there is a bug, and very grateful if you can provide during the bug discovery information.

* Update schedule *
- Add a new character (thieves).
- Add a variety of additional skills.
- Add a new stage and the boss.
- Add balance work schedule.

As will be continuously updated, thank you attention and a lot of love.

* Developers word *
- [ Hero is in progress ] was developed with the idea in .
- A dream to one development of , and effort to develop a fun game .
- Future , cheer you ask a lot of courage for the development of a more cool games

- Bugs and other opinion, be a lot of force to the developer .
- A developer to listen to feedback from users .
- All of the suggestions and feedback , please e-mail below .

E-mail address : please261@gmail.com
Facebook : https: //www.facebook.com/blackhole84

What is New:
v 1.26
- 전설아이템 착용시 화면에 표시안�는 문제 �정.
v 1.25
- лЉҐл Ґм№? нЊќм—… л‹«нћ€м§Ђ м•ЉлЉ” лІ„к·ё м€?м •.
- м•„мќґн…њ н…Њмќґлё” к°ЂкІ© мЎ°м •.
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