King's Raid v1.4.0 Mod

King's Raid v1.4.0 Mod

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King's Raid v1.4.0 Mod

How to play the game

[Select Play]
- Players can dabble in various checkpoints on the map.
- Dan Special Trial Dan, Dan Fighter Challenge, frontman for the group.

[The challenge many].
- Battlefield: For playing solo PVE in a fierce battle.
- Battle Group: Players can play with your friends at the same time as them.
-PVP Arena: Martial tussle with 4 to 10 on 10 for four.
- Dungeon and many more.

[Passage system]
- Adventure featuring stunning. (Funny)

[King's Raid Featured]
1. Hero collecting.
2. Extreme Battle
3. Skill Animation.
4. Fantasy story play
5. variety of in game stage
6. Rank PVP

King's Raid is The most beautiful collection RPG.

Welcome to World of the King's Raid.

Mod List:

1. Enemy has little attack
2. Enemy has little health

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