Con Man: The Game v1.2.5 Mod

Con Man: The Game v1.2.5 Mod

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Con Man: The Game v1.2.5 Mod

“So you wanna be a comic book convention manager?” asked hardly anyone ever. Well, now's your chance! Enlist Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion and the cast of Con Man to help you create the biggest, brightest and bestest con ever: Shock-A-Con! All your favorite management tasks are there: Unclogging toilets! Emptying garbage cans! Even covering up naked grannies!

Based on the hit show Con Man – now airing on Comic Con HQ – the game brings together the cast and characters of season 1 in a convention that YOU run! They will help you with everything, be it placing VIP booths, attracting cosplayers, hiring staff, or defeating marauding aliens straight out of the second greatest cancelled-too-soon sci-fi show Spectrum in a fight to the death (or till someone vanishes in a puff of smoke).

Game Features:

* It’s free! - Hush it down!

* Themed animated booths

* VIP & exhibitor booths

* Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Hero themes

* Work your butt off to keep congoers happy

* Collect Super Fans to kick alien butt

* English and French releases

* Built with the muscle and power of Frima Studios

Psst! Don’t forget to watch Season 2 on Comic Con HQ!

Note: This game offers in-app purchases, which may be disabled in your device’s settings.

Terms of Use:

Privacy Policy:

Mod List:

1. Unlimited Coins
2. Unlimited Cash
3. No Cost For Fast Upgrade

What is New:
All right everyone, this is a big one. Here’s what we’ve added:
- You now have a manager’s office where you can collect and store the rarest of con items!
- More levels! So get out there and get to level 31, or 32… or 40!
That pesky warning sign from Everyplay is gone and the camera is fixed, so start posting videos.
- The whole cleaning staff was out there polishing tables, squashing bugs and, organizing everything. Enjoy!
- (Oh, did I mention the new collectibles?)
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