MineColony Age of Exploration v1.5.23

MineColony Age of Exploration v1.5.23

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MineColony Age of Exploration v1.5.23

It is a fun world building, survival game with beautiful 2d retro style graphics. Mine to gather precious resources like gold, iron and coal. Craft items to help you build the colony of your dreams. But that's not all. Prepare your trusty sword because without it living will be quite a challenge. Various minions of evil are lurking underground are just waiting for dusk. Beware of skeletons and zombies. Build a shelter to keep you safe.

Explore unlimited procedural world filled with hidden treasures and monsters. Hire other NPCs to help you build the colony of your dreams. The game features lots of background sound effects like cricket chirping on dusk, owl hooting in the night or birds twitting in the morning.

The game has intuitive controls using two D-PADs - left for steering and jumping and right for action. You can change the mode from digging to placing/actionby tapping orange pixcaxe in the top right corner.

- unlimited procedural world
- total freedom in exploration
- retro 2D graphics
- side view
- treasure hunting
- living world (trees growing, dynamic water etc.)
- terrifying monsters like skeletons and zombies!
- AI controlled NPCs with schedules
- atmospheric sounds
- soothing music
- chickens ;)

The game is still in development and there are lots of features ahead. Stay tooned!

What is New:
Changes in 1.5.23
- new particle system (water splash and digging particle effects)
- fixed memory leaks (improved performance)
- fixes in fluid mechanics
- faster clouds animation
- quieter sound effect for fire
- increased enemies per chunk
- enemies don't disappear when near light
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