Remote Control Mini Car Racer v1.3 [Mod Money]

Remote Control Mini Car Racer v1.3 [Mod Money]

Rating: 5
Remote Control Mini Car Racer v1.3 [Mod Money]

Remote Control Mini Car Racer is an new exciting 3D RC racing game, where you as player drives an RC car can drive around in levels that closely reproduce a real size 3D house. Within the race the player comes across different life size objects. Remote Control Mini Car Racer features 20 different RC cars and loads of fun missions. The small sized min cars start out fairly simplistic, but you can upgrade them by earning cash during the game. Remote control car racing games are super fun to play, the basic controls are easy to use gas brakes and steering what more do you look for in a Remote control mini car racing game. The game handles very well and the RC car physics react to every move you make.

Start jumping over various gaps and objects that you will encounter during gameplay. The turbo button allows you as might expect a temporary speed boost that can be handy for long jumps. this means you can see your RC racing car flying through the air now and then. How long the boost will last depends on how long you press it, as the boost meter will drop progressively. Speed racing is a vital part of this remote control mini car racer, and if speed is what you want, speed is what you will get. Master the controls and move along the house through every day stuff.

If you’ve ever owned your own RC (remote controlled) car you will for sure love this new game. You might be thinking “great” another racing game. YEAH well guess what this ain’t your ordinary car racing game. It’s more an adventure since we put in a massive challenging mission. Your goal in the game is to collect 300 batteries that are spread out of the house. So fire up that mini motor, and let your toy truck, car or other vehicle and start smashing it around. The driving is super realistic, the remote controlled cars have a great sense of weight and momentum.

Remote Control Mini Car Racer game features:
- Loads of different RC (remote controlled) cars to drive and to play with
- Hours of core gameplay
- Show your driving skills
- Build up your own car collection of unique and rare remote control car in this rc car 3D game

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