TimeFish v2.05 [Unlocked]

TimeFish v2.05 [Unlocked]

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TimeFish v2.05 [Unlocked]

Freesh wants to escape from the Time-monster

Timon and Timon wants to eat this adorable Time-fish so desperately!

Freesh always tries to swim away to avoid being colored by Timon, but he gets caught at the end everytime.

Swim forward and stay away from Time-monsters as long as you can!
Share your Freesh's escaping-time with your friends!
The moment when Freesh dies is not when he gets eaten by Timon, it is when you give up to help your Freesh's escape.
Don't give up! Let your Freesh gets freedom!

- Prices of Golden Fish, Piggy and No Ads product are discounted!
- Minor bugs fixed.

What is New:
- Minor bugs fixed & fuctions improved.
- Prices of Golden fish, Piggy and No Ads product are discounted!
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