Cross And Crush v1.0 [Mod Money]

Cross And Crush v1.0 [Mod Money]

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Cross And Crush v1.0 [Mod Money]

РЎROSS all the world in a DESTRUCTIVE squirrel cart,
CRUSH secret enemy bases! Run away from the Cross-Angeles pólice,
DESTROY the blocks world streets,
ESCAPE from insidious Mega-Bosses!

You're not alone in this smashy city - there is a team of brave animals who are ready to pull your cart!
Cross And Crush games start with a squirrel simulator mixed with a crazy dog racing making an unexpected destroyer team. A brave husky will help you to escape from an angry yeti in an ice village during a road crash.

WHERE do we go in the crush games? Wherever you, Flail Rider, want even at the edge of the blocks world...
- Santa Land
- RageTown
- Burning Desert
- Lost Jungles
- Ocean Ride
Here you have to go to make it hot for the merciless BOSSES.

Who are the Cross And Crush BOSSES on the demolition derby? The most terrible and fearful creatures…
- Rabbitron
- Scorpinator
- Hoboniac
- Sniper Shark
- Killing Widow

The most unexpected upgrades for your animals, the most unpredictable locations with unique enemies and inhabitants! The destroying games are the new era of gaming experience.
Are you intrigued? Then RUSH TO A BATTLE! The destruction games are full of furry, adrenaline and crossy heroes.

CROSS AND CRUSH mission - the cool showdown in the animal world: start the crashing games fest in this mobile strike!

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