Tangram Master Ad-free v2.5+

Tangram Master Ad-free v2.5+

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Tangram Master Ad-free v2.5+

Premium Ad-free version of Tangram Master.
Great logic puzzle for kids - teaches spatial concepts and problem solving.

Form a given shape without overlapping the pieces.

в?… 400+ different levels.
в?… Automatic tile rotation.
в?… Both Chinese Tangram and European Tangram.
в?… Six beautiful relaxing themes to choose from.
в?… Logic puzzle for kids.
в?… Master mode without full size shape.
в?… HD graphics that look great on tablets.

Tangram is a logic puzzle for kids hat stimulates brain activity. It's great for keeping the mind sharp.

If you haven't played classic European Tangram, you'll be amazed with it - it's a less known version that originates from Hungary.

Have fun!

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