Ducklas - Needs Your Help! v1.2

Ducklas - Needs Your Help! v1.2

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Ducklas - Needs Your Help! v1.2

Ducklas needs your help! An environmentally dangerous factory has moved in nearby, which has a bad effect on the nature and the environment! To get rid of the factory you have to give the right answer to clever and creative questions regarding nature and the environment! During this the factory dismantles, piece by piece, and the environment gets better and better!

This symbolizes that the more we learn about the subject, the less we allow our environment and nature to go to waste!

Developed with reading children in mind ( 7-10yo ). Also works on younger children, if they play together with older siblings or an adult .

Everything is presented in a hand-drawn world, with a unique graphic expression!

Music: Royalty Free Music from Bensound.
Translation: Hanna Ferm.


- Creative and educational questions about animals, nature and the environment.

- Beautiful hand-drawn setting and exciting animations.

- A waste sorting game, where you clean up trash thrown in nature.

- Comfortable game pace, without stress.

- No in-app purchases!

About Fused Lizard:

Game studio Fused Lizard consists of a creative punk-rocker and a programming hard-rocker, who wanted to do something new and exciting together. Fused Lizard is the result!
We do not save, track, analyze or share information from our games.

What is New:
More questions added, but the old favorites are still there. Ducklas now has +70 questions
Bug Fixes
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