Magica Arena v1.0.5 [Mod]

Magica Arena v1.0.5 [Mod]

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Magica Arena v1.0.5 [Mod]

Magica Arena features a real time gameplay that has never been seen before! Come meet a fascinating collection of characters from your childhood memory, including Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Momotaro, Alice, Aladdin,and the list goes on!
In the battle mode, challenge your friends or show off your teams to opponents from around the world. With a little strategy, some brain skills, and a pinch of luck, you are well able to lead your team to victory!
In aid of the captain, summon pets with special abilities to strengthen the power of your team. With hundreds of selections, you never have to worry about running out of options for pets.
The most exciting fairy tale adventure of 2016 awaits you!

Game Features
в—Џ Simple but engaging, the gameplay is inspired by everyone's childhood favorite game of flashcards. Test your memory and choose pieces of the same color to summon your pets for an attack!
в—Џ Snow White, Cinderella, Mermaid Princess, Dorothy, Momotaro, Alice, Aladdin... Hundreds of your favorite fairy tale characters will come to life and battle each other!
в—Џ Each pet is unique and possesses a special set of skills. Arrange your characters and come up with the strongest strategy that represents you!
в—Џ Explore different maps each week to uncover the secrets of this fairy tale kingdom!
в—Џ Receive gold, items, and boosters by completing bonus levels!
в—Џ Challenge opponents from all around the world to truly be at the top of your game on a global scale!

Mod List:

1.) god mode (when Music OFF)
2.) massive dmg (when Sound OFF)

1.) enemy deals 1 dmg on god mode
2.) i didn't remove any root check etc on this game, if you can't play then try original to see any success
3.) choice of English and Chinese, default English

Install Steps:
1.) install mod, play, 300 MB download ingame

What is New:
в—ЏStability Improved
в—ЏChange some pet's status
в—ЏChange pet's picture in Teams into 3D
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