Gamesome Frontend v2.0 - 1610152218 [Pro]

Gamesome Frontend v2.0 - 1610152218 [Pro]

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Gamesome Frontend v2.0 - 1610152218 [Pro]

DISCLAIMER: This app is NOT an emulator and DOES NOT include any game.

Gamesome is the first Android emulator frontend available on the Play Store!

With Gamesome you can manage your rom collection and start all your roms with your favorite emulator from a single app!
It's as easy as setting the folder where your roms are stored, Gamesome will AUTOMAGICALLY identify each rom in your collection and display it in a user-friendly way, with boxarts and useful informations about your games (Release date, publisher, and so on).

All the logos, products, and company names mentioned above are trademarks of their respective owners and subject to their own copyright laws, Foreign or Domestic. Gamesome Frontend Emulator is not endorsing either supporting them in any way.

What is New:
For full changelog & history:
* Link to Play Store for not installed emulators
* Edit whole game metadata instead of title only
* Minor fixes and optimizations
Problems? Send an email to gamesomeapp at !
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