Craft Royale - Clash of Pixels v2.49 [Mod Money]

Craft Royale - Clash of Pixels v2.49 [Mod Money]

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Craft Royale - Clash of Pixels v2.49 [Mod Money]

Fans of strategy games, rejoice! The time of epic battles and desperate duels has come! Discover and craft lots of cards behind each of which there are creatures of Craft Royale world: pixel dragons and knights, pocket zombies and mummies, combat robots and giant aardvarks, as well as many other incredible beings. Defeat your enemy in a duel by going round his troops and demolish the defensive towers. You will get a crown of king as a token of your victory, as well as win renown in the arena!
You need to have access to the Internet to play.

Game Features:

- Lots of tactical options and collectible cards game (ccg)!

- Dynamic real-time PvP clash! Challenge hundreds of players, who are always ready to fight for the glory of the crown.

- Win and get a wide variety of chests full of treasures, collect new powerful cards and improve the ones that you already have; Make your own Craft Royale deck full of unbelievable soldiers and war machines and enjoy new skins for minecraft - pocket edition for free.

- Exciting clash gameplay and original graphics which lead you into atmospheric spectacular battles.

- Create an invincible army and fight your enemies; Drive your troops to conquer enemies' towers defense, make good use of your most dangerous creatures and improve your King defence to the maximum!

- Survive in various arenas and get to the top, become a true hero of Craft Royale - Clash of Pixel with skin maker for minecraft!

- Long live warriors, blocks and magic!


It is not an official application of Mojang. Company Mighty Blocks is not connected with Mojang AB. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB, and this product is not connected with the developer of this game or its licensors, and is not approved by them.

What is New:
What's new:
- Added Mushroom Swamp realm
- New cards: Werewolf (Fast melee troop, available on Mushroom Swamp) and Freeze (Spell that freezes troops and buildings, available on Snowy Heights)
- Improved design of realms
- Interface improvements
- Minor fixes
- Thanks for your feedback and reviews! They help us making the game better
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