The Light Inside Us v1.02

The Light Inside Us v1.02

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The Light Inside Us v1.02

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Best Indie Mobile Game in Asia 2016 - Haogamers's Asian Indie Awards
Runner's Up Indie Game of the year - NGF Awards 2016
Casual Connect Finalists -Singapore 2016

... a must own for lovers of shooters and puzzles - Haogamers

The Light Inside Us shows how you can be a jack of all trades, and a master of all - PocketGamer

'The Light Inside Us' is a Curious Isometric, Abstract, Tactical Shooter - TouchArcade

The Light Inside Us is an abstract action/strategy game set in an isometric world where light is sentient. You control a body made up of small particles which are the children of light, and you must guide them through a strange and tough world to reunite them with their mother.

By going through differently colored regions you are equipped with different powers. You must use these powers to shoot and convert other sinister corrupted light which try to erode away all your particles. Every shot takes up some of your own particles, and every enemy you convert add to your particles creating an intense trade-off system. You must destroy all the enemies without losing all your particles, and make every shot count!

The world is also filled with elements like gravity wells, portals, barriers and many other features which can aid or hinder you depending on how you use them. Finish all 55 levels and live the adventure of the children of light in this mysterious land.


в?… 56 Handcrafted levels
в?… 5 enemy types
в?… 5 light weapon types
в?… New Endless mode
в?… Leaderboard

What is New:
1. Fixed crash when back button is pressed after game over popup is shown
2. Paused game now will not automatically resume when the player returns to it
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