Blef - Puzzle Dungeon v1.3.0

Blef - Puzzle Dungeon v1.3.0

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Blef - Puzzle Dungeon v1.3.0

A turn based puzzle game with roguelike elements.
The levels are carefully designed, the player's movement is limited, but you can take a few hits, so you can choose to play like the warrior who plows through the monsters or the cunning explorer who plots his every move. Delve deep into the dungeon to uncover its mysteries, then go back and master all the levels!

We're already hard at work on new cool features!

Try it here!
You can try it for free here:

It's possible to get to the exit of every single level with full health. Try and see if you can solve the puzzles and beat the game!

What is New:

• New controls: improved swipe input method! We listened to your feedback and worked on the input methods. Try it and let us know!
• New exciting levels!
• Removed checkpoints: when you die you'll restart from that same level instead of going back to the last checkpoint

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