Nightmare Qube v1.06

Nightmare Qube v1.06

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Nightmare Qube v1.06

▼ operation explanation ▼
Advancing while connecting blocks, it is clear by moving "girl" in front of "door".

Roll the player with a flick operation and aim to make the player the same height as the goal.
The surrounding cubes will stick together. Let's roll the cube and adjust the height and move it to the goal

As a player you have to find the rules for this game.
It is a new sensory cube puzzle that skillfully moves blocks in a restricted movement space.

▼ Features of the game ▼
- Simple rules and operability that anyone can play
- Horror-tasteful visuals and an eerie world feeling
- All 70 stages with different variations (planned to be added)
- Creative way to play

▼ recommend this person ▼
- Easy puzzles are unsatisfactory ... to brains you.
- I like horror atmosphere ... to you who is full of courage.
- I want to challenge puzzles of more advanced difficulty ... to challenging you.

◆ BGM source: provided by Kanzaki music studio

◆ font Mountains of Christmas Font Family.
Font Made Tart Workshop
Apache License, Version 2.0

What is New:

- Fixed a problem that you can move to a place that should not be originally moved on some stages.

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