Space Battle v1.3.0

Space Battle v1.3.0

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Space Battle v1.3.0

General Nikademus has arranged a position and all the space intel for you. The mother Earth is in danger. Some aliens have an urge to visit our planet and get some valuable resources. But in order to get them, they need to destroy almost everything on Earth.

Be a hero and try to help other soldiers to protect our planet from alien invasion!

* 10 exciting and unforgettable missions
* 14 achievements to unlock
* Battle for the global leaderboard
* Follow your stats, high scores, space fleet
* Unlock new spaceships by completing missions
* Collect pick-ups, destroy enemies, bosses and collect points
* Use your points to purchase new spaceships and inventory
* Progressive Survival mode
* Avoid asteroids and use them against enemies
* Use magnetic field to attract pick-ups
* Launch missiles and use immunity
* Beautiful graphics, soundtracks, and sound effects

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What is New:

Hey, space soldiers!

At last! Weekly challenges are here!
Every week there will be 7 challenges to complete. After you have completed them, you will receive great rewards.

Fight for the leaderboard. Complete all the challenges every week :)

Have fun!

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