Tetragon: Unknown Planes v0.4.1 [Premium]

Tetragon: Unknown Planes v0.4.1 [Premium]

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Tetragon: Unknown Planes v0.4.1 [Premium]


Tetragon is a Freemium game, that means we give you the first ambient of the game for free. The Fruitful Forest is a beautiful ambient and will present you with everything about the world of Tetragon.

If you like our game you can in-app purchase the full version and have fun with 4 beautiful ambients, 40 different puzzles and more than 2 hours of gameplay.


In a world made of planes and towers, Lucios needs to use his new powers to manipulate the ambient and interact with spinning gravity to complete his journey in the search of his lost soon.

Tetragon is a polished and immersive game experience that merges narrative and gameplay in a very unique way. The world rotation gameplay combined with the level manipulation mechanic creates interesting situations that will teach you a new language of puzzle thinking.

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